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Home Remedies

Health at Home
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home_remedies is a place to post all of your tried and true home cure-alls and a place to look for home remedies that you might not have heard of before.

The rules are simple:

Only post remedies you have personally tried or know someone who has tried it with positive results. Anyone can google home remedies for colic, we just want to know ones that actually work.

Do not just post a link to the remedy, take the time to cut and paste it.

No posting of prescription medications. Over the counter medications are fine to post but we all know that Advil cures headaches, please only post OTCs that are not widly used or if it is a different use for the OTC (eg crushed asprin on pimples).

Be nice to all members or get a slew of nasty words said to you and banned. This goes the same for spam of any type. No promoting communities unless they are approved by the mod and they need to be under a cut.

Looking for a good home remedy or herbal book? Look in the 'recommended reading' section of the memories.

Want to get that book for free? Go here:

NOTICE: home_remedies does not claim responsibility for the consequences of medical advice you obtain here. If you are in doubt please contact your health care professional.