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10th-Sep-2008 09:16 pm - oo i love remedies!
 What is a good home remedy for sleepyness... besides coffee/tea? I'm afraid i've had too much caffeine that my body can handle and i need a different way to energize quick! FYI I get enough sleep.
My best friend (female) has developed a problem with Rx as well as OTC medications that she has overused (the Rxs were prescribed to her, she just gone through them too fast.) to help her with her lingering problem with kidney stones and the pain that comes with them. All she does now is sleep because of the meds. We are getting her help that she needs for that, but is there anything NATURAL that she can take to deal with the PAIN? Please help! Thank you!!

(x-posted to ons of places, sorry. It means that much to me.)
6th-May-2008 02:53 pm(no subject)
I'm looking for something to get rid of acne scars, but I'm hesitant to use an alpha hydroxy product or a skin lightener like hydriquinone. Are there any safer options?
3rd-May-2008 12:20 pm - Dry feet/calluses
ABBA in scarf
Does anyone have suggestions for embarrassingly dry feet and calluses on the heel? I'm soaking and pumicing right now.

2nd-May-2008 08:10 pm - Getting honey out?
frank chu
Hey all, let me introduce myself. I am an idiot who spilled honey alll over the kitchen cabinet and floor(the jar fell open and slowly seeped down). Also, I stepped in it, and it is covering the bottom of my shoe. How in the life of me do I get this out? either of the shoe or the floor
1st-Apr-2008 01:47 am(no subject)
what's an awesome under eye circle creme? For lines and bags under the eye? Not a creme? Then what do you suggest?
14th-Mar-2008 02:38 pm(no subject)
I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of or tried a natural alternative to Adderal? I was on Adderal XR 30 and now I am going to be out for sometime because of a mix up with prescription assistance. Any suggestions or advice is welcome.

Also I know this is a huge toss up but does any one know of a natural self tanner? I was using jergens hatural glow but don't wish to continue it's use because of it containing petrolum. If you don't know of a prepackaged one how about a recipe? Again I know that's a weird question:)


YL New


Gordolobo ( Everlasting ) ... Scientific Name:  Gnaphalium spp.
Borraja ( Borage ) ... Scientific Name: Borago officinalis 
Bee Honey


Boil up to 4 cups of water. Insert a pinch of gordolobo flowers about 2 inches in diameter... a pinch of borraja ( you can see how it looks HERE) and a pinch of cinnamon sticks to the infusion. Put the lid on and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Take it from the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes longer.

Meanwhile prepare a large mug with a thick coat of bee honey (usually about a half inch deep), add the juice of two lemons (the little green ones that are extremely sour are the best for this)... stir them well until the honey is disolved with the lemon.

Drain the contents of your infusion into your mug and drink away.

It's a lot better when it's still hot, you can keep the rest and drink it the next night and that's that.

The only precautions that I can give you is that this is definetly NOT an everyday use drink, you only use it when you really need it, 3 to 5 consecutive nights tops, and only one cup per night. It can make you drowsy but you'll be able to sleep like a baby, the Borraja (Borage) has sudorific properties that cause the excretion of bodily fluids which helps you to expell all the unwanted germs out of your system and prevent further complications, that's why I only recommend it at night, so you can resume your daily routine the next day feeling like new.


13th-Dec-2007 08:11 pm - Milk Baths
 Hey I'm looking for some home reciepes to make Milk Baths. I know you can just like pour regular milk into a bath, but I'd actually like to make something that had more of a shelf life than a week...and something I could add fragrances too.

This isnt anything I would use to make a profit....I just have alot of free time on my hand and would like to use it making some products at home. 

Also, bath salt receipes would be nice, but not my main concern.
12th-Jul-2007 09:27 pm - Hand soak
My father's hands have gotton extremely sore and rough and picked apart(small cuts) from fishing.

Any ideas for soaks and something to help would be great.

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